All assessment submissions in the Cert III through to the Advanced Diploma is uniformly kept to a three part submission.

  1. A Theory assessment that is based on notes and research on all Biblical subjects, and based predominantly on research on the elective subjects.  The is marked on a "competent" or "not yet competent" marking system.  The analysis of this competency is founded in the course criteria, in other words, have you met the criteria for that specific question. This is either yes or no, competent or not yet competent.
  2.  A Practical Assessment which you develop in conjunction with your supervisor and in your ministry stream.  By this we mean that if you are a chaplain, you will develop your practical around the subject criteria but in your field of ministry.
  3.  A Supervisor Assessment.  This is where the supervisor signs off on the sheet making a declaration that you have met the criteria in the practical delivery, as well as observing the normal traits on public speaking.

For the Graduate program, again, this is done in 3 submissions but in greater detail.  Most of the graduate work is research.

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