Southland Training Australia provides an innovative mode of training through local church Internships.  Here your church & your community become your classroom!

Utilising the online Student Portal facility, students can have the added advantage of mentor assisted training.  How does this work?

In consultation with your local church, you arrange to set up a personal Supervisor who will act as a mentor through your studies & ministry based assessment.

The Supervisor will firstly assist you to select what modes of delivery you will use to complete your training: directly online or Supervisor assisted.

The Supervisor then monitors your progress & assists you in achieving your goals.  They also facilitate avenues for you to be able to fulfil your assessment requirements & learning objectives.

You will complete all your modules while actively participating in your local church.  Your local church is seen as integral in providing a wide range of learning opportunities for you.

General Information


Church Attendance

Interns are to be committed to the life of a local church before enrolling Southland Training Australia and this pattern is to continue throughout the time that they are part of the program.

Student Code of Conduct

Southland Training Australia Interns are expected to abide by the code of conduct detailed in the Behavioural Policy section plus any requirements put in place by their local church.


Orientation is compulsory for new Interns to introduce policies and procedures that will be required to be fulfilled for successful completion of the Southland Training Australia Hub program.  Southland Training Australia interns will complete orientation with their Supervisor.

Fee Structure

The fee structure for the Inforce Training Hubs is determined by the Hub.  Each hub needs to evaluate their finacial commitment to students and then add an administrative/educational fee onto the online price fee.  A guide to this is that most classroom environement Hubs would usually charge around $3, 000 to $3, 500 per course [ie Cert IV] for a  classroom and supervision fee.

However, if you were only running a hub with supervision, a fee up to and around $500.00 per course would be recommended.

Some Church hubs do not add any fee, recognising the value in the fact that the student needs to spend up to 20 hours a week working in the church as part of their study.

Note! It is possible to do the Cert IV in 6 months. [This also applies to the Diploma and Adv Diploma]

Our recommendation for hubs is to let the student sign up online and automate their process with us, and then for churches to apply a facility/supervision fee directly with the student.  Other arrangements can be made by speaking to us.

Payment Plans

Students using a payment plan must maintain the agreed commitment stated in that plan.  There are many financial institutions which can assist students with loans.

Refund Policy

All refunds will be paid within four weeks of receiving written notification of withdrawal.  All refunds will be paid to the person who entered into the contract in Australian dollars.  We do not refund once you have accessed a course as you have already accessed the content [whether or not you utelised that content].  Any student who has difficulty regarding a refund or the refund policy may contact the office for referral to the Southland Training Australia Administrator for further pathways to resolution.  Any agreement does not remove the right to take further action under Australia's consumer protection laws.

  • Withdrawal before access of studies - full refund less processing fee.
  • Withdraw after access to course notes - no refunds.

Application for Admission

Those wishing to enrol in Southland Training Australia access the student section and complete the online application for admission form & upload it directly on the "sign up here" on this site.  This will take you through the registration process.

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