ID-10031552One of the things that we, as a training organisation, get to see all to often, is the mistakes that many training hubs make.   Unfortunately much more than good intentions are needed when it comes to a regulated training industry as we have in Australia.  Here are some of the common mistakes that will help you as a church evaluate what model will best suite your church.


  1. Many churches, I believe  open themselves to legal action by not being aware that Australia runs very strict regulations on training and offering any training that gives a level like Diploma or Cert IV, means you have to meet government regulation for those standards.  Not doing so, opens the door to students to take legal action.  You cannot offer a non accredited Cert IV or Diploma.  Whilst many students will be gracious towards their leaders, many leader land up doing the wrong thing by their students.  You would not believe how many students have spent thousands of dollars only to find that their training [whilst beneficial] is worthless when it comes to getting a job that requires accredited training, like chaplaincy.  We hear the cries of students again and again.
  2. Many churches start with good intentions of a long term training program, but find the financial costs of sustainability prohibitive and after the second or third year, they are no longer able to sustain a college or the type of college that they commenced.  This is not a criticism but a big reality check, if a major denomination in Australia could not sustain a Bible college, what makes a local church think it is able to sustain a college.
  3. All your good intentions go out the door when you abandon students half way through the program.  Build a sustainable program that will run and benefit your church and congregation for years.
  4. Many pastors do not even begin to understand the complexities of the training and education environment.  I can assure you that going through college does not equip you for running a college.  Ignorance of the law is going to cost you.  I believe it is only a matter of time in Australia before a church gets shut down through legal action by disgruntled and stranded students.  I have personally witnessed several situations where students have a very strong legal case against a church.
  5. Whist the education department recommend partnership agreements, the tax office has a different definition of partnership arrangements.  I am not in favor of partnership arrangements as they produce an avenue of joint liability   It is for this reason that we do not enter into any agreements with churches.  We are in the training service industry and we are here to help you achieve your goals with no contracts to you.  Talk to us, we can help.  We enter into an agreement with the student....not the church.  Our objective is to keep it hassle free for the church.


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