At Southland Training Australia, we are not only committed to online training but have intensive on-site training programs designed for you and your church.  We can adapt our program to almost all circumstances.  From short term training coupled together with a mix of online training to instructional direction intensive over one weekend that will get students going and help them through the first module and set them on course for the balance of their online training.



Whilst we currently can only support this model in Australia and South Africa, we can accommodate this model with increased numbers in other countries.ID-100103383

Many churches want their own accredited Bible College but the outlay is too overwhelming for many churches.  And even whilst they could possibly implement it for the first two years, many churches find that this is not sustainable.

I have often found that whilst good intentions may run high with churches wanting to run programs, they often do the wrong thing because of the many hurdles and legal requirements for Registered  Training Organisations.

By using this model, you can make a sustainable program for you and your church.

The options of a one weekend program, a one week program or a two week program.

Conditions apply and minimum registration requirements are applicable.  Please email us and discuss options available to you.

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