World Pricing Structure


Over the next several months we will be rolling out several free courses.  These will include short courses, leadership courses, worship courses, pastoral courses and so much more.

We will also be rolling out several training courses, from certificate to diploma, to advanced diploma and possibly even a degree.  Pricing will be displayed on the course your are looking at studying.





Recognition (RPL) Fee (non-refundable): Same as full course fee


  • $500.00 ... Annual Administration fee subsequent years, failure to pay this prior to re-enrolment expiry will cost an additional fee $720 re-engagement fee] [per yr or part thereof]
  • $40.00 ... Dishonoured, late payment or credit processing fee [see terms and conditions]
  • Interest is charged on overdue accounts at the default interest rate of 2%/month [see terms and conditions]
  • $40.00 ... Issue of Student ID Cardx
  • $40.00 ... Issue of Notesx
  • Account Payment plan - Students paying on an account payment plan pay the full course fees on checkout depending upon payment plan.  The price quoted above is the discounted up front fee.  Please click the step 5 to see payment plans.

Reissue Fees...

  • $100.00 ... Re-issue of Awardsx
  • $60.00 ... Re-issue of Transcriptx

Some modules may require text book purchases which may be purchased off this site.

Students will be responsible for any purchases not outlined in this brochure.

Understanding how your fees are applied.  The marketing and administration fees are non refundable.  The course fee is applied over 5 academic months regardless of how long you take to finish the course and subject to content downloads.  Once you have passed the five month mark of enrollment, no refunds are given.

** (....of Christian Ministry & Theology)
+ (per course)
x (+Postage and handling)