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Southland Training Australia provides an innovative mode of training through local church Internships.  Here your church & your community become your classroom!

Utilising the online Student Portal facility, students can have the added advantage of mentor assisted training.  How does this work?

In consultation with your local church, you arrange to set up a personal Supervisor who will act as a mentor through your studies & ministry based assessment.

The Supervisor will firstly assist you to select what modes of delivery you will use to complete your training: directly online or Supervisor assisted.

The Supervisor then monitors your progress & assists you in achieving your goals.  They also facilitate avenues for you to be able to fulfil your assessment requirements & learning objectives.

You will complete all your modules while actively participating in your local church.  Your local church is seen as integral in providing a wide range of learning opportunities for you.

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What options are available for churches?

There are a number of options available to both students and churches in achieving their goals.  It is also possible to run all these options simultaneously in a church meeting different congregants needs according to their schedule, rather than the churches schedule.


Dear Pastor or Leader

I look forward to being able to help you deliver training in your part of the world or in your church.

Please click the read more as we look briefly at Assessment and management, two tier pricing, courses, rolling starts and more importantly NIL COST STARTUP TO YOU.


At Southland Training Australia, we are not only committed to online training but have intensive on-site training programs designed for you and your church.  We can adapt our program to almost all circumstances.  From short term training coupled together with a mix of online training to instructional direction intensive over one weekend that will get students going and help them through the first module and set them on course for the balance of their online training.


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ID-10031552One of the things that we, as a training organisation, get to see all to often, is the mistakes that many training hubs make.   Unfortunately much more than good intentions are needed when it comes to a regulated training industry as we have in Australia.  Here are some of the common mistakes that will help you as a church evaluate what model will best suite your church.

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