The path you are on is taking you somewhere....
Where are you going?
God´s Vision gives us a plan....
Awaken the wonder of where God can take you!
The road may be winding....
But God has a plan!
Open a horizon of possibilities...
God says study shows a person able to divide truth!

New Direction


New Directions!

For a long time it has been my heart to reduce the cost of education and to open the training spectrum to those who cannot afford it like we can in the western countries.  In 2007, when I took over the running of the college, we reduced the fees by 50%.  The fees are still less now in 2016 then what they were in 2006 and we have successfully managed to keep on training.  Strategic managment practices have helped us train students through Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, PNG and South Africa.

The Australian Labor Government increased the cost of accreditation significantly in 2014 just before going out of power.  So how were we going to offer cost effective training in countries that can least afford it.  This has forced us to redirect.

We are excited about our future, we are headed in a more strategic direction, taking the college out of the hands of Australia and shifting it overseas, but using the same standards to offer training at affordable pricing.

We will be offering short courses, Bible courses, Business courses and more.

Including in all this we will be offering free training for students who wish to study for personal development.

Watch this space over the next several months as we unveil and unwrap all we have to offer.

My desire is to train thousands and release many to ministry.

We look forward to the journey ahead with great anticipation!


Delroy Hodson

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